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Top problems faces by most Affiliate Marketers and their Solutions

analysing top problems of affiliate marketer and solutions

 Top problems of affiliate marketers and their solutions

In this article, I will talk about affiliate marketers top problems and their solutions. For better understanding of what I'm about to discuss in this article, simply skim through my previous post about affiliate marketing below
Without much Ado, let's move to what we are here for.
Firstly, let me quickly highlight the problems below and later discuss it with solutions.

Problems faced by most affiliate marketer

  1. Low or No returns
  2. Payment Method options
  3. Residential country
  4. Niche problem
  5. Limited tools for start-up
  6. Unreliable Merchant
  7. SEO problem
  8. Not knowing your audience before Marketing
  9. Unreliable Affiliate Networks and Programs
Now to analysis it with full explanations and solutions.

Affiliate Marketers top problems and solutions

1. Low or No Returns

This problem basically affect affiliate marketer that are just starting . they lose focus, instead of them building audience, they will be chasing sales. To sell products which is not support to be so. Anyway, that's one of the thing that cause low revenue to most affiliate marketer.
I can explain more about introducing un-interested product before your audience, it will look promotional to them and they will end up not trusting your brand and products.


As I mentioned above, focus on your goals by building audience first then ask for sales later. Earn the trust of your audience, build authority in your niche and make some credibility about your products.
Read how to earn audience trust and build authority and credibility in your niche.

2. Payment Methods barrier

As an Affiliate Marketer, to find an interesting product to promote is a difficult task and if perhaps you find an interesting product in which you will love to affiliate, it may and may not be from your country which you can get paid in your local currency. 


The only solution I can render for this problem is choose from you country affiliate Network or program. Better still, join affiliate network or programs where you can get paid by either one of the method I will list below....
  1. Bitcoin
  2. Payooner
  3. Paypal
  4. Wire transfer
  5. E-wallets
  6. Giftcards 
Those are the best available payment methods that can be used to send and receive money worldwide without any problem

3. Residential Country

Your current country can also be a problem. Most especially Africa countries, perhaps, they think Africans is full of scammers. So many Affiliate Networks and programs limit 80% Africa countries from joining their programs.


If you fall one of the Africa countries, when signing up for any affiliate network or programs, check their availability in your residents country. This will help you to know more about them, maybe they will accept you, knowing how you will get paid to your own country, how to promote their products etc.

4. Niche problem

Don't just jump into any niche that you think its yielding high returns, as you mat end up loosing weight as an Affiliate Marketer.


Take your time to do keywords research in a niche that you have passion for, at least you will be able to write quality content of 15 post per month that contains both long-term and short-term keywords. You can do keywords research base on the Network you join. Ex, do Amazon keywords research, clickbanks keywords research etc.

5. Limited Tools for beginners

As a beginner that start affiliate marketing without having much money to start, to succeed fast will required a lot of time and hard work with good SEO practice. 


Find some free tools which you can manage to promote your products and after making some money, you can upgrade your tools. Below are she free tools you can still use before upgrading....
  1. Google blogger - for building your site - it give free sub-domain and content writing tools etc.
  2. Mailchamp - Email Marketing tool - they are good start-up for beginners.
  3. Social media for sharing products
  4. Google Analytics - to track your activities
  5. Ahrefs and SEMrush - keywords research tools
  6. Voluum - Ads tracking tools
  7. Rebranding - link tracking tools 

6. Unreliable Merchants

If you partner with bad, untrusted and unreliable merchant, you will end up losing your audience because you are refering them to a bad merchant that will influence your audience with bad products or manners.


Visit merchant website to know more about the merchant you are about to partner with. Check his or her rate, rate tell more about something and check people's review about his products. Basically, its good to promote product you have already used because you will have know every thing about the product, and its merchant reputation.

7. SEO problem

SEO is the most essential part in Affiliate Marketing. Did you say what about Email Marketing? Yes email marketing is alos important but where will you get the most audience that will subscribe to your Email list?
So SEO is still the essential part in Affiliate Marketing, even if you practice social media marketing, it won't get you subscribers like SEO when you practice it right.


Many people search the web for solutions to there problems, when they want to buy product, they will like to know more about that product by searching the web for the answer.
So do keywords research to know what people are searching for and write review about your results, that will get you quality leads to your site that can later turn to customers.

8.Knowing your audience

This is the biggest mistake most affiliate marketer do, and causes the biggest problem for them. After some affiliate marketer struggled to gather audience, they start to  promote product they don't have interest in to them. This will look promotional to them and it suppose to look educative to them. By doing this, they may unsubscribe you from their email. You lose your audience, their trust, your authority as content creator etc. 


Knowing your audience by running a surveys to know the products they are interested in. And bring the products before them in an educative manners not forcing them to buy it

9. Unreliable Affiliate Networks and programs

By joining affiliate network or programs that will overwhelm you with stuff task and have various issues with their service may make you ending up as a loser. 

I have a full tutorial about unreliable Affiliate Networks and programs.


Before joining any affiliate network or programs, know the following things about them the n consider whether to join or not....
  1. Payment methods
  2. Offers
  • Adult content
  • Fake landing page
  • Popunder etc.
  1. Minimum payment threshold
  2. Country barrier
  3. Sign up requirements [minimum traffic per month]
Thanks for reading
Best regards
Temmy Samuel


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