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How to open dollar account in Nigeria

how to open dollar account in Nigeria

open dollars accounts in Nigeria - easy steps

send and receive dollar from part of the world.

Open Online Dollar in Nigeria

Are you willing to receive money online? But you don't have a domiciliary accounts to receive the money. There is no need to panic about that, although their are many rippers out there that have rip your money when you use them as a picker. No more rippers, scam or fraud. Because, in this article, I will show you the company/app in which you can open a dollar account with and you will also link your local bank account to withdraw your dollar money. Standard fees of your bank will be charged.

How to open dollars account in Nigeria

The first company you can open dollars account with is 
  1. Transfer Wise 
  2. Payooner

Transfer wise limited company

Is a private finanace organization based in London, found in January 2011 by Taavet hinrikus and Estonians Kristo. 
Transfer wise support 750 currency around the world Eg, GBP, EUR, USD ect.
They are trust by UK financial Regulator and Singapore Remittance Company.
In 2017, transfer wise announced her borderless account (cross border account) although, it was initially for businesses and freelancers with an account card.

How to open a dollar account with Transfer wise

  1. Goto TransferWise
  2. Create an account
  3. Once you have login to your dashboard, create a balance. That's where you will select type of accept you want to create. 
They allow you to create any account from the 750 currencies in the world. 

Payooner dollar account

Payooner is an American financial services company that provides online money, digital services.  And also provide her customers with a cross border payment options. It is located in NY-United State.
Payooner offers services like online payment, International money transfer(wire transfer), bordless transfer with ease(like a local transfer), receiving money from partnering company like Google,
They offer more than 1395 employees as at 2019 and customers of 320 employees that supports 1million customers in 70 languages. More than 150 local currencies is supported. 

Payooner is trusted by Google, Upwork, Rakuten, Walmark, Fiverr, Arbnb, Amazon,, Getty image, I stock, Envato, etc. To send mass payments.

Payooner allow you to open dollars account once you have been verified.
Your national id card will be required, Full name , Face verification, BVN, local bank account etc. Once you get verified, you can proceed to opening of dollar account with payooner

How to open dollar account with payooner

  1. Create an account with Payooner
  2. Submit all the required documents to get verified
  3. Create your dollar account
Also payooner support opening other currencies account like opening pounds accounts(GBP), Euro account opening (Euro) etc

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