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How To Make Money Online Youtube



Make Money Youtube

Below are ways people make money on YouTube
In this blog post, I will talk about how to make money on YouTube and I will take you through all the important strategy for YouTube SEO tips needed to get you making money on YouTube videos.
  1. How To Rank Your YouTube Video Fast - YouTube SEO tips
  2. How To Make Money On YouTube  
  • YouTube affiliate marketing
  • YouTube influencer marketing
  • YouTube partner program
Now let's get started with YouTube SEO free tools 

How to rank your YouTube video fast - YouTube SEO tips

To start making money on YouTube, you mist work on SEO first. When get a lot of audience watch your videos, it will be easy to make money on YouTube through any methods of YouTube monetization you use. Now let's look at SEO tips you can do to get your video noticed on YouTube.
1.create a YouTube business channel
I know you will ask your self that how will I create YouTube business channel? Its easy to do, when you are creating your YouTube gmail, select business account, if your gmail is business account your channel is also a business channel. The most important thing in channel creation is that - you must include all necessary description about your channel. Ex - Channel name must be unique and go well with your niche, you must include two to three of your keyword in your channel description, your "about channel" must contains what your channel is about etc.
2. Video Quality
You must create quality, that is , your video should be long and tell what exactly in the titles. You should try and add subtitles to your video, Bot will really understand subtitle more than video. Use good tools to record your video. Such as advance microphone. You don't need to bother about studio or video camera, a peaceful room with good background is enough to get started. You phone is good to go with your video creation.
3. Post frequently
Posting frequently really helps to get you channel noticed, as it tell search bot how serious you are about your production. I suggest you should post three times in a week.
4. Traffic
Get the right traffic to your videos. Take for instance, you create a video that talk about "electronic diy" and post the snippets on guest posting group on Facebook. Such video, if it get traffic, its getting the wrong traffic and it will not generate any leads. So get the right traffic to your videos. You can try this method to get the right traffic. Contact a big YouTuber that have thousands of subscribers, tell him or her that you want to create a video related to one of his video. This is how it works, when the YouTuber create video that says " HOW TO BURN FAT" you can create video that says " five medicines to take to burn fat"  and the big YouTuber will talk about it in his video. Such method is called YouTube influencer.
5. Like, share, comments and subscription boost YouTube SEO
When creating your video, tell your viewers to like, share, comments and subscribe to your channel. These tool really help to rank your video. Like tell YouTube that your video Is informative, sharing shows that your videos really get inspired and so on. So if search bot sees these on your video, it will help rank your video better on YouTube.
6. Backlink
As you get back link to your blog to rank better in SERP, the same is applicable to YouTube video. The more back link you get to your video the more it will rank on YouTube. Although, this method is not necessary.
7. Create irresistible thumbnail
Creating thumbnail also allow user to click on your video. So create irresistible thumbnail and follow YouTube guideline on thumbnail creation that ' do not create thumbnail that say different thing about what is in your video.
8. Do keywords research
Do keywords research and know what your competitor are ranking for in their videos. The simple way to do keyword research is to know what people are searching about your niche. How? Goto YouTube search box and type in your keyword and many of what people are for will appear. Write down all and go to ahfre to find out more about those keywords.
Note, low search vol of keywords per month is most likely to get to the first page easily.
9. Description, Title and Tagging
These must be take note off, at least two to three keywords about the video must be added to the description and title of the video. Related keywords and what most people are searching for about your niche must be included in the tag box.

How to make money on YouTube

As the title implies, this is why you are in this post.  As mentioned about, I will be talking about three ways people make money on YouTube.
YouTube partner program is one of the way people make money on YouTube. This is done when you reach YouTube requirements to join partner program
  • Your channel must have minimum of 1000 subscribers
  • Your channel must have minimum of 4000 hours view watch
After passes all these requirements, you can proceed and sign up to YouTube partner program, your application will be reviews. So follow YouTube partner program guidelines before you sign up because if any rule strike you, they will deny your application until the issue is solved. And you may receive penalty of delaying time before you have access to summit another application.
How to make money joining YouTube partner program
  1. Create quality video (see above )
  2. Create long video (so that ads can be placed severely before video end)
  3. Place at least 3 ads on a video
  4. Do YouTube SEO so that you can get as many views as you can to generate sales of your ads.
This done by doing review about product . an affiliate link is put in description of the video that leads to where the product can be purchased. No requirements to get started. You don't need any YouTube affiliate marketing course to get start.
How to make money with YouTube affiliate marketing
  1. First of all, build trust among your audience and ask for sales later
    Youtube business quote

  2. Create special video about the product you're affiliating, that is, don't repeat what has already been said by others.
  3. Do YouTube SEO to get more views (see above)
  4. Connect with others YouTuber will larger subscribers.
I already explain this above, but I will enlighten it more here. You must have minimum of 10,000 subscribers to get started. Its just the same as social media influencing. (Many followers is needed). 
YouTube influencer marketing is similar to its affiliate marketing. The different is  affiliate marketing has no required subscribers to get started. Why YouTube influencer marketing required 10,000 subscribers is that as the work of influencer , they tell their followers about a product, company, they don't put affiliate link. Note, they can put link of the company but its rear and not affiliate link.
How to make money on YouTube as an influencer
  1. Get minimum subscribers of 10000 
  2. Do YouTube SEO
  3. post frequently
  4. Connect with other influencers
  5. Build your social media


To make money on YouTube is free and easy, many YouTube affiliate marketing and freelancing marketing course are online today, but if you can follow the simple step I analyzed above, you will get your way there. And note that, making money online is not something you can do in a day, it required patients and hard work. Thanks for you time. Let's meet in the comments box below.


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