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Legit ways to make money online for free - no scam


Legit ways to make real money online for free - no scam

Make money online
  1. Make money online blogging
  2. Make money online with YouTube
  3. Make money online freelancing
  4. Make money online writing
Those mentioned above are how to make real money online with no scam. But, before I procced, I will reveal to you some offers online that are scam and you should never do that.

Make money online scam to avoid

Make money online - scam

I know you are here because you want to know you way out and to make your self online job that will earn real money for you. You might have found some online job that probably promise to pay you $100 - $1000 per day by doing simple task. In fact, some online job may even demand money from you to get you started. They are all scam!!!.
Below are the three "work from home scam" to avoid.
  1. Paid survey scam - this when you are require to pay to get started. And true fact is that, even when you paid almost $50, you can only make $2.00 - $3.00 per hour. Hence, if you struggle to make the little dollars, you won't get paid. Some of the company are ; inbox dollar, click for survey, neobox. Just to mention few of them.
  2. Paid to read news scam - some company will call them self "News forums ". They actually require you to join them by buy a coupon from one of their vendor, some may require you to pay directly from your bank account. After paying and lots of work is done by actually reading news, when you reach the threshold of getting paid, they will start to give some reason for not paying you money. Some of their reasons are ; Their system has been hacked,  they lost their data through upgrading etc. After telling you that, they will tell you to reactivate your dashboard, and when you do that, you will discover the money on your dashboard is gone. Example of them are ; sunbiz, lpv forum. 
  3. Email processing cash scam - this is when you pay $25 to set ads online. The ads you set also tell others to pay $25 to do the same. Meanwhile large company have automated system and employees to process their email.
Those above are the little I know that I can mention in this article. Lots of them are out there, you have to be vigilant and do research before engaged in any online money making. 
Good news ahead, There are several 

Legit ways to work from home and make real money online - no scam

Here, I will tell you some legit ways you can actually work from home and make free money. Some of it may later require you to pay for online course or Facebook ads. But don't worry as I will teach you some ways to make money online with no money.

Make money online Blogging

Yes! This is the way, you won't get magic money through blogging. I made a post about how to start a blog and make money online. Find a niche and start your blog. Everything will be covered in the post I mentioned above. It is mist read post.
I suggest have at least 5 well structured blog Post in your blog to get you started. Read my blog post I created for newbie on how to start a blog and make money. This article covered niche finding, ways to monetize your blog, how to choose a template, Your way out of SEO optimization, how to maintain and manage your blog.
For Example, if I'm to blog about dating tips for new relationship, below are the topics are will write first, First date tips for menTips to get a girl friendHow to woe a girlHow to get my girlfriend backGuy dating advice

When you have the 5 blog post on your blog, try to add at least one post per week and link the post together where necessary, this will help your blog in SEO.

If you can't write it by your self, I suggest outsourcing your writing here

Make money online with YouTube

Youtube monetization
You can make money with YouTube video through the following ways
  1. Joining YouTube partner program (ads)
  2. YouTube Affiliate

YouTube partner program

You can join the YouTube partner program when your channel reach eligible requirements. YouTube will show ads on your video and when the video generate leads, you earn reward. AdSense account is required to join.

YouTube Affiliate

This is a way of promoting product on your YouTube videos(products review). This can be done by making video about the product and putting link of the product to the description of the video.
If you really want to make money with YouTube video s , try to consider the key point I will analysis below.
1. Create quality videos, ask for sales later -  if you want to make money... , its important to create trust first 
Business quote
Not that they don't like sale, yes off course, they are definitely interested in selling but they are desperate.  They spend time to gaining the trust if their audience. You can't just tell your audience to buy product like that, you must gain their trust by creating quality videos that tell about the product and most especially, it most entertaining, informative and unique. Don't repeat what others had already said.
2. Use quality tools to create videos - make sure you record in a good lighting and use quality microphone. Your background must work well with your niche and you don't need to bother yourself about setting a studio, a quite room with a good background is OK. A peaceful park or garden works well also. You don't need to buy expensive camera, your smartphone is good to go. And you know the funniest part? You don't need to show you face in front of camera.
Youtube-faceless video
3. Create a custom YouTube thumbnails (bonus point)
Creating a unique thumbnails will get you more click so optimize it and make it irresistible. Create a graphics thumbnails using
4. Post frequently - at Least, you must be posting 3 video a week for starting. Must YouTube channel fast growing secret is frequent post they use from the initial. So post often.

Make money online writing

Write content
Here is another way to make money online . Writing content can fetch you online money.  Join hire writer to start writing online business. Before you choose a profession of writing, you must be good in grammar and understand the use of grammatical words. You mist be able to write article for longtail keyword, rewrite blog post etc. All I'm saying here is that - you be a professional. Other writing company you can join are -
And of course as a writer, you can be writing ebooks and sell on websites like Amazon, kobo, Walmart etc

Make money online freelancing ( fiverr)

Fiverr is freelancing company that allow you to post your gigs for $5 - $1000 as long there is buyer for what for are offering. Fiverr is a platform that offer creation and publication of gigs in a approachable format. Fiverr offer more than 150 categories, so you can your niche category. Join fiverr and make money online

Thanks for your time, if you have any idea or anything contradict to what has just mentioned above, pls feel free to contact me or use the comments box below.


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