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Did you know you are losing money not trading cryptocurrency? Check it out!!


Yes! You're losing money by not using cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin money
Bitcoin note

Cryptocurrency has gained more popularity in digital currency world. 

Now in this  article I will talk about important reasons why you are losing money by not using cryptocurrency : important of cryptocurrency.

But before I go any further, let quickly take glance at what cryptocurrency is.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency as the name implies, is an internet- based currency exchange which uses cryptographical functions to carryout transactions.

Important of cryptocurrency

Why you should use cryptocurrency?


This is the most important features of cryptocurrency, the decentralization of bitcoin leverage cryptocurrencies to gain  transparency and immutability against the ancient ways of government control and authority, that is, 

It is not control by any Central authority.

Transaction fees

The use of private key and public key make it easier and secure to transfer coins between two parties.

This transaction can be done with minimal transaction fees ; it allow user to avoid steep fees set by local financial institutions.

Cryptocurrency market hour

Cryptocurrency is available to trade 24 hour a day because there is no centralized authority that guild it.

Fast account opening

For cryptocurrency exchange to take place, you will need an account (I.e digital wallet) to store your coins.

So this leads to fast account opening compare to opening account with local financial institutions.

Strong security

Once cryptocurrency transaction has been authorized, it can be reverse. Its a hedge against fraud that required agreement and policy between the buyer and the seller.

Also, cryptocurrency cannot be counterfeited.

Now that you have know some important of cryptocurrency, why did I say you're losing money if you're to using cryptocurrency?

I will quickly walk you through cryptocurrency trading. Because this will answer the question why you're losing money not using cryptocurrency.

What is cryptocurrency trading?

Cryptocurrency trading can simply be defined as a trade that involves the exchange of different coins on an exchange or CFD trading accounts.

Also it is the process that involves speculating of coins price movement via a CFD trading or exchange trading account.
CFD simply means contracts for different.

Therefore, trading of cryptocurrencies can fetch you a lot of money to make life easy. Many people had invested in cryptocurrencies in the past year, even when the price is not as high as this. Many countries accept Cryptos as digital currency which they prefer to do transaction around the globe with fear of fraud or insecurity.

So, you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies, for instance 
You can buy any coin when the price fall and sell it when the price rise.

Buying and selling of cryptocurrencies.

There are two methods in which you can buy cryptocurrencies ; 
1. Via peer-to-peer
2. Via Exchange or CFD account

In this section, I will be briefing trading via exchange or CFD acaccount

Trading via exchange or CFD account

You will need to create an exchange account in which your wallet will be hold and your full value of assets (coins) will store ; you will be provided a wallet in an exchange account in which your coins will be store for trading.
Note, there is a big different between OTC account and Exchange account.

The different between OTC account and Exchange account

There are more than 1000 crytos in the market which are collectively known as aitcoins.

Trading different coins has logistics and metheds of trading.

As a beginner trader who do not want to get overwhelmed by coins can focus their initial trade on some of the leading cryptocurrencies to help secure and ensure trade into an active market.

Some of the leading cryptocurrencies are ;



As I said earlier that "you are losing money not using cryptocurrency, the market has gain popularity from the recent year and still gaining more. In fact some Cryptos advocate implies that cryptocurrencies will still go beyond 5$-10$ trillions dollar in the coming years.

So, why don't you join the millions making cool cash from cryptocurrencies.

Interested in Cryptos trading?

Read this article.

The article will give you the beginner's guild to cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency trade - coincola the uncover secret

Have you been having difficulties in your crypto trading? Or have any opinions, question and suggestion, pls kind reach to us via comments box. 
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