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Cryptocurrency - 5 coins that will never be dead


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 5 coins that will never be dead in Cryptocurrency Market

In cryptocurrency market, over 1000 coins shut down in 2018 and dead. This occur ed because of two reasons ;

ICOs were completely unstabilized in 2018

Firstly, ICOs were completely unstabilized in 2018. Some country and regulator tried to enforce control but didn't yield any result, this happened because there are lots of coins to regulate.

Technical problems

Some had managing issues ; they were poorly manage. Some cannot go beyond scamming and scammers.

But either ways, dying of those coins leads to three things.

Investing in them will be little or no investment will be made in them.

It will create space for new coins to emerge into the market.

Dead coins that point to the crypto- space will become more centralized and consolidated, that will be an important process for mass adoption

So, the question is, which cryptocurrencies (coins) ain't going to die?
Which simply means you can buy them as a developer, investors, customers or business owner. 
They ain't going to demonished in value or cease to exit.

In this post, I will blog about 5 coins that won't demolished among cryptocurrencies.

5 Cryptos (coins) that will never be dead from cryptocurrency market


bitcoin 1

Bitcoin is still the most proven, best and has the highest cap in market among cryptocurrencies and block chain.

I can say bitcoin is the future of cryptocurrency market and block chain innovation. 

In one way or the other, we can be sure that, bitcoin will have a place (leads) in future of cryptocurrencies market.



Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency. It is control and regulate by strong team headed by bitcoin enthusiast and developer ; vitalik buterin

In the aspect of running decentralized app and ICOs, Etherium is the best platform for it.  This means,

Its native digital currency (ETH) will remain viable and valueble in the near future, especially with Etherium hard fork(EHF), in effect and Constantinople.



Litecoin is the third coin I will be blogging about. Litecoin processes transaction severely and faster than bitcoin.

One thing I like about litecoin is about the language that is used to run litecoin blockchain ; script.

Make the coin more easy to mine.

So this forecast of having more litecoin than any other coins in the near future.


Dash is the biggest and most anonymous cryptocurrency, it may have low market cap than Etherium and bitcoin but its has a stable user base that will likely hold up to it.

Dash is also useful to make payment around the globe with bank or law enforcement agency tracking it.

Ripple XRP


Ripple is technologically superior to bitcoin, said by vitalik buterin 

This means, Ripple may not be 100% decentralized, but is most likely to survive in the long run.

Ripple is certainly stable.

Now that you have know the coi that will last long in run, you can now invest and make some money in the cryptocurrency market.

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Bitcoin, etherium, ripple, dash and litecoin are likely not to erased from cryptocurrency market because of some reasons. And the reasons has been mentioned in this article.

Pls, be part of this story, comments your opinions and let help the world by making everybody learn and gain something.


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