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Blockchain Technology and Adoptation

 Blockchain - the key to adaptation

 In the past 40 years, the world experienced little or no internet service. Back then little computers that's was implemented was abacus (olden calculator), post office etc. 

 But now, the use of internet has become global and easy to use, even for those in Africa. If you look around you today, you will see many technology has taken over,

The olden calculator later advanced to electronic calculator.

Electronic mail came and took over post office

Phone internet came and took over the use of cyber café etceteras.

Blockchain Technology Adoption also is experience this presently because this is it early stage. As you know technology and the use of internet also experienced it.

Therefore, Blochchain Technology Adoption is growing gradually the same way the use of internet and technology had grown in the past years.

Although, Blockchain Technology Adoption isn't just pretty slow, but due to some prohibiting factors that needed to be solved by Blockchain developer around the world.

Blockchain Technology is still at its early stage, many countrys and citizen haven't know there way through it. Some country and their territory still don't accept Blockchain Technology because they haven't know the important aspects of it.

So, this article talks about the keys to Adoption of Blockchain technology. What makes Blockchain Technology slow in Adoption and the key success of it.

The Key to Blockchain Technology Adoption

First and foremost, I will talk about point that causes low Adoption in Blockchain Technology. And later talk about the solutions.
Points that causes low level of Adoption of Blockchain Technology ;

Low level of Mathematics

In mine point of view, this can be reason why people (especially in Africa) do not adopt easily to Blockchain Adoption. I thinks Blockchain Technology base with some mathematics statistic and many people have little knowledge about MaMathematics.

No account recovery

If you lost or forget your password, your account will not be recovered. Infact, some company allow private key. The key is used to enable transactions, when you forget this key, you will lose your funds.

Unfriendly Cryptos address

User suggested that Cryptos address is hard to memorized. Cant compare to your local bank account number. 

Low user privacy

In Blockchain Technology, transactions made by person or company is visible and can be seen by anyone. Dues, Blockchain Technology is transparent and open.


Mathematics should be part of compulsory subject among others. Also free universal education should be allowed for people to have access to knowledge (Africans)

Several seminars should be done to enlighting people about Blockchain Technology. Coincola is a good example. They performed well organized seminars in Lagos, Nigeria.

In privacy aspects, Dash has solve that problem but its still a common issue to newbies.

Blockchain Developers around the world should do everything in their power to ensure transactions privacy. But might have consequence because Blockchain is a decentralized Technology.

Cryptocurrency like Bitshares and steam give readable add user.


Blockchain Technology Adoption is still at it early stage. Therefore, slow level of adoption maximal. Perhaps, there are some certain thing to do to improve the Adoption of Blockchain Technology.

Feel free to lets know your solutions and maybe you have any suggestions about the slowing Adoption.


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