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Affiliate Marketing - How it works


affiliate marketing

Fortunately, the internet has provided a plethora of new and unique opportunities to making money online. Definitely, affiliate is one of them, a source of passive income for many internet marketers.
Basically, this article describes
Affiliate Marketing is a program by which an online merchant pay commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals through links, coupon or codes etc. It simply means a way in which you get a commission for selling another person products online. 

How does it works

In Affiliate Marketing, three major objective is involved, the merchant, the Affiliate, and the consumer.
1. The Merchant - this is the producer willing to sell his or her products.
2. The Affiliate (promoter) - is the person promoting the merchant products and 
3. The consumer - is the person who purchase the product from the Affiliate. An Affiliate link is provide by the merchant for the Affiliate to manage and track where sales is coming from. Now that will have understand how it works, let proceeds to the strategies to use to drive sales.

Strategies of Affiliate Marketing to drive sales


Affiliate Marketing, when executed perfectly, it will be a source of passive income for you. In this section, I will explain how to strategize Affiliate Marketing to drive more sales than expected. But before I proceed to the section, there is one common mistake most new Affiliate makes, the jump to making sale instead of concentrating on earning their audience trust.

1. Established your Brand and build your Audience 

You can simply established brand and build audience by firstly, find a Niche - know your niche in which you can write more about very often. Most recommended niche is choosing a product you have already used.
Secondly, develop authority in that niche and you simply do that by , thirdly, start a blog or YouTube channel. Fourthly, create a unique and high quality content - product review, do tutorial, how-to, video etc. 
Knowing your audience demography such as age, location, gender, education, profession etc will give you more idea of what product in your niche to review to them. And that can be done by using a responsive contact form from a spam free Email network. I recommend contact constant.

Build an engaging audience and earn their trust, that should be your first priority. Your audience comprises of social media followers, YouTube subscribers, Email subscribers and your blog readers.

Host content and do giveaway on social media, it will increase your reach and awareness and you will gain more followers into the thing.

2. Know Your Audience Wanting

You can simply do that by running a survey and put your motive into question. If you start to market a product your audience is not interested in, it will drive them away because it will look promotional and it should appear to them in an educational manners. Not only drive away your audience, you will lose your audience trust and jeopardize your credibility and authority as a content creator will be lost. So appeals to them as if your educating them about your products.

3. Promote Product you have already used

The product you have already used and have passion for will generate more unique visitor to the merchant site because you will be passionate to review more often about it. You will have know from A to Z of the product and know question will hit you unexpectedly from your audience. 

Find a known merchant who sell the product for more information about the Affiliate program. Moreover, you should know the merchant reputation, that, does the merchant offer refund, does he provide customers care service? This factors are important to ensure seamless shopping experience for your audience once you have refer them to the merchant site.

4. Leverage your product Review for SEO

Basically today, customers seek helps from search engines and social media whenever they want to buy product online. They will like to know more about the product they are buying. So its advisable to practice good SEO tactics to optimize the reach and awareness of your product and also get yielding visitors from search engines.

Also, creating a YouTube channel inserting your Affiliate link in the video description and the end card will be a good idea. Make your review interesting by showing closing shot of the product.

Comparing two products of high competitor. Creating and publishing a review of your product why its better that the competitors, and mind you, do not condemn your competitor's product. But write similarities and why your product is better than theirs. Such review will generate a yielding conversion to the merchant site.

5. Share you published review on Social media

Share your published review on your social media and put your Affiliate link in your post. With the approximately 2.8 billion social media user worldwide, you can generate quality traffic to your merchant site.

6. Connect with Influencer

Collaborating with influencer in your niche can help drive and increase traffic to your site and YouTube channel, they share your awareness to their followers. You can connect for a promotion awareness by making a shoutout for each other on their social media page.

7. Utilized your Email Marketing

According to experts, " an effective email funnel is one of the best Affiliate Marketing strategies" it helps drive quality visitors to merchant site and can later convert them to customers.

Create a high quality post as a lead magnet that can only be access through subscribing using email address to collect email address from your audience. In that way, you will collect email address from your audience and gather them for starting.( a useful tips and trick to collect email addresses from your audience)

However, email is a direct and effective way to maintain communication with your audience.

Utilizing your email marketing by creating a series of newsletters informing your subscribers about the features and benefit of your product. Include your Affiliate link in the mail you are sending and don't try too hard to sell the product because it may look spamming or promotional.

However, make sure you maintain a balance between an educational and promotional content.

In addition, get your subscribers engaged by adding testimonies of existing customers to your mail and also announce discount and giveaway.

8. Leverage PPC advert

PPC simply means pay per click advertising (PPC) ads that is , when using this features to promote your product, focus it on a goal. For Ex, leverage PPC ad to gather more email subscribers from a targeted demographic.

Tools For Promoting Affiliate Marketing


These are the essential tool needed for promoting Affiliate Marketing
  1. SEO tools
  2. Website building tools
  3. Chatbot tools
  4. Analytic tools
  5. Ad tracking tool
  6. Link tracking tool
  7. Email building and Marketing tool
Now to emphasis on these tools

1. SEO tools

In this section, I will analysis two major tools that work well with Affiliate Marketing and one plugin. Hope you already know what SEO is all about? Well SEO mean search engines optimization. That's. Is, I talk about tools that will promote Affiliate Marketing in search engines. The first SEO tool I will be talking about is 
1. Ahrefs - is a site auditor, keyword researcher, competitors content analyzer etc. Ahrefs emphasize better on back links. So with ahrefs you can know your competitors back link and use that new back link building opportunities.
2. SEMrush - similar to ahrefs, is a good tool for keywords research, fixing SEO issues and competitor analyzer. A must have tool for Affiliate Marketer who is looking to know the content that's generating the highest ROI for competitors. It can be used to find top perfuming competitors content, monitor their keywords on weekly basis and its discover site issues that could hurt site SEO.
3. Yoast SEO - recommended SEO for WordPress user to promote Affiliate Marketing. It provide the best tools to implies advance SEO practice like title and meta tag customization, canonical links customization, sitemaps file creation, Robot text customization.

2. Chatbot

Chatbot helps to attend to your audience when you are not online. Its help to chat to your audience like you are around. 

3. Google Analytic

Google analytic helps to track demography of your visitor. Google analytic is best recommended because its free to use.

4. Website buildings tools

With this, you can build a well structured site to write review about your product. Bluehost is best recommended because is as many features to build your site for Affiliate Marketing. Well formatted themes, good plugin that helps a lot in different areas, just to mention few.

5. Link tracking tool

Rebrandly is the link tracking tool I will recommende because it have special features than any other link building tools. It allow you create short URLs with your custom domain name . not like that generate link like this .  Rebrandly does generate short link from your custom domain and it will look more attractive and serve as clickbait than that of
Rebrandly also track all the link generate on the platform for better experience.

Email building tools

Contact constant is recommended, it has a special offers for Affiliate Marketing to gather email from their effective and responding forms. Like pop up form, embedded form, iframe form etc.
They also help to send effective and spam free mail to your audience. Affiliate Marketing tools is build in the email editing section where you create your mail.

Types of Affiliates


Below are type of Affiliate you can (Affiliate Niche)
  1. News and media site
  2. Reviews site
  3. Bloggers site
  4. Shopping site
  5. Email Affiliate
  6. Search Affiliate
  7. Webmaster
  8. Leads generator
  9. Selling course

1. News and media site Affiliate

Yes you can start a News and Media site to sell advert and sponsored post on the site. Guest posting can be sale on the website too. Best news magazine 

2. Review site Affiliate

This where a review site is create to review products eg hosting, phone company, dating company, ad company etc.  Making review site is large and well converting Affiliate type in the industry.

3. Blogger site Affiliate 

Blog about your product - SEO, Write review, increase traffic. Blogger is more like a New and media site and let's just say it comprises of News and Media and review sites.

4. Shopping site

This is when you create a shopping site like drop shipping site. All the product on the site are designed no physical store, so when a product is purchased, you older the money from merchant site with the information provided on your site. So by doing that, you earn commission from it.

5. Email Marketing affiliate

Professional markerkers rely less on Google traffic and penalty from search algorithm. So they prefer using email as form of promoting their products.

6. Search Affiliate

This when a search engines traffic is use to generate traffic to a merchant site directly. This can be done by running pay per click campaign on search engines and social media. Facebook ads for Ex.

7. Webmaster Affiliate

Creating website can also be a big opportunity to implies Affiliate. You can earn commission when you create site for someone. Fiverr is good this type of Affiliate.

8. Leads generators Affiliate

This when your site have a high authority in its niche and  can generate a huge traffic per months. It can use to Generate leads to external website and you will get paid for that.

9. Sales of course

Udemy is the best platform for this. You sell udemy course and you earn commission. If you are good at selling course, go better go for this it yielding.
Now that will have cover the Type of Affiliate you can start with, let proceed to the next section.
In this following section, I will be explaining some Affiliate Network you can join that will best work for you.

Affiliate Marketing Network

  1. ShareAsale Network
  2. Amazon Associate
  3. Click Banks
  4. EBay Affiliate
  5. Ali Express
  6. Target Affiliate
  7. Skimlink Affiliate
  8. Viglink Affiliate
  9. Cj Panel
  10. Rakulen Affiliate

1. ShareAsale Affiliate Network

ShareAsale Affiliate Network has been trusted by over 1000 merchant which they solely list their Affiliate program on ShareAsale.
Join ShareAsale today and start monetizing your blog

2. Amazon Associate Affiliate Network

Amazon is a well known ecommerce network base in united state. All most 80% of Affiliates promote products of Amazon.
Amazon offers products in categories, so almost all niche are there.

3. Cj Panel

One thing I like cj for is that, it all available in all countries, not like Amazon that is base in US and offer program for top countries like UK, Canada etc.
Cj panel bring forth affiliate programs to less privilege countries, most in African continent. Their payment method and options is easy.

4. Ali Express

Ali is a leading e-commerce network in China. They offer more than 130000 sellers with commission rate of 50%. They also offer products for dropshipping. They offer Affiliate program for people ready to market their product. Ali product is cheap and affordable. No label will be place on their product on delivery when you use them as merchant in a dropshipping business.
They offer different payment including AliPAY that can be used to send money round the world. E commerce plugin for drop shipping g and ecommerce sites.

5. Target Affiliate Network

They offer over one million products for sales and you can earn up to 8% commission on your refferal in a popular categories and niches.

6. Rakuten Affiliate Network

Although it was formally known as linkshare Affiliate Network, but now, a popular in the blue book of top 20 CPS  Affiliate Network. It offer automatic ad rotation and its ability to link directly to a specific page on the merchant site, which makes it more unique and easy to use.

7. Skimlinks

This is an Affiliate Network that provide you link to apply to the root HTML of your site and all the linkon your website will automatically turn to your Affiliate link . 
Join skimlinks for best performance

8. Viglink

Also have the same features like skimlinks. They best for product review site.

9. EBay affiliate Network

EBay is also like amazon but its well know for electronic e commerce Network, and now they offer different categories in products. Ebay Affiliate program allow publisher to earn commission on product sale.

10. Click Banks

Click bank as it claims, is a leading global retailer and Affiliates market place. You can join as a merchant or an Affiliate. Over 1 million products with different categories on click bank.

Affiliate Marketing Programs


Below are type of Affiliate program you can join that paBuysellads
  1. Bluehost Affiliate program
  2. partner program
  3. Shopify
  4. Ezoic
  5. Live chat
  6. Berush/SEMrush Affiliate program
  7. ITunes Affiliate program
  8. Leadpage
  9. Thrive themes
  10. Buysellads

1. Bluehost

Bluehost is a website hosting company that is very good for beginners. It easy and cheap, their customers service is 24/7 so if you refer your audience to bluehost, you won't blame your seif later. They pay 65$ for a complete sale generated by your link.


Media is the second leading ad company in the world. They offer contextual ad, that is , ad that are relevant to the content on your site. Only pro will know its an ad. allow you to refer new publisher and earn 10% of their monthly revenue for 1year. Its a big offer indeed.

3. Lead pages Affiliate program

Leadpage allow you to recurring commission of 30% as long your referral keep using their service.
Join leadpage and star to make recurring money

4. Shopify

Shopify is an e commerce site and an e commerce site builder. They offer 200% commission depending on the subscription plan your referral chooses. Their average earning is 58%.
Join shopify, the world leading e commerce site builder

5. Ezoic Affiliate program

Ezoic is an ad machine that helps to increase Ad revenue. More than 10,000 web publishers uses Ezoic to increase their Ad revenue. You earn 3% of revenue of each new publisher you refer.
Join Ezoic Affiliate program today 

6. Live chat

Offers  a 20% recurring commission as long as your referral remain a customer. Payment made on monthly basis.
Join Live chat 

7. Thrive Themes

Thrive themes is a simple and classic themes to use, suite of WordPress Website. They offer WordPress themes,plugin, e-mail etc. You earn 35% at completing signup and 25% for recurring commissions.
Join thrive theme and make money out of customizations.

8. Berush/SEMrush Affiliate program

Tools kit for all Digital Marketing professional who is looking g for ways to know their competitors keyword they are ranking for. SEMrush, the world leading competitor keywords research service for online marketing. You earn 40% recurring commission and 10uears life cookies and two payment process per month.
Join SEMrush - Claimed to be world best keyword research company

9. Buysellads Affiliate program

This is a Market place for advert. Company look for publishers on buysellads to advertise on their website. Buysellads accept site that generate 10k monthly traffic. Publisher must have good reputation for advertiser to choose their website for promoting tools. Buysellads manage both advertiser and publisher money on a dashboard provided for them.

10. ITunes Affiliate Program

With ITunes affiliate program, you can promote iTunes songs, App, Books, Movies, TV show etc. You must be a member of Apple Music Platform and the program s good for Tech review site/blog.

Now that will have know all necessary features about Affiliate Marketing, So How can you start affiliate marketing? This will lead us to another section in this article.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing


Basically, Affiliate Marketing is the most common way successful bloggers use to monetize their blog. You don't need any money or capital to start Affiliate marketing.  Below are how you can start affiliate marketing ; 
  1. Find a profitable niche
  2. Do keywords research on your niche
  3. Build audience and earn their trust
  4. Build a brand /blog/website
  5. Promote your products to your audience
How to start affiliate is most like the strategies. Check above.
In the following sections, I will be talking about where to start affiliate marketing.

Where to start Affiliate Marketing


You can start Affiliate Marketing any where on the internet. The best place to start affiliate marketing is building your brand or company eg a review site/blog, Build trusted audience on your social media platform like an Influencer.

Some platform to start Affiliate Marketing

  1. Quora
  2. Blog/website
  3. PPC ads (paid Advertisement)
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Tumble
  6. Reddit
  7. Facebook
  8. Twitter
  9. Instagram
  10. YouTube
  11. Tiktok etc.

Advantage and disadvantage of Affiliate Marketing



  1. No expert marketing skills required
  2. Based on long term and short term strategies
  3. Low cost or no cost business start up
  4. No spending on product or service creation
  5. No shipping required
  6. Apart from site creation, no capital is required at the initial
  7. A passive source of income
  8. Freedoms of action - be the boss of yourself
  9. No customers service - merchants is left with that.
  10. It doesn't required too much time to create a cutting edge products.
  11. Commission base on desired action eg sign up , app installation etc.


  1. Difficulties to stand out among the well established competitors. Success depends on strategies, creativity and hard work
  2. Generate low revenue at initial
  3. No control over the product can cause credibility and trust lost whenever there is fuck up at the merChants site.
  4. Unreliable Affiliate Platform and Programs - choose wisely or else you will lose your generated revenue
  5. The bigbiggest mistake is driving leads and sales instead of creating customer base and building trust.
Affiliate Marketing, a source of passive income for all internet marketers. Thanks for choosing Temmybiz, keep doing the most and have a great day ahead.
Best regards,


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