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How to open a verified cash app in Nigeria.

Create a verified Cash App in Nigeria and other Africa Restricted Countries - Ghana

Updated on 18 Nov, 2020
Many questions as been asked online about the restrictions of cash app in many countries most especially, Nigeria. So many people will be wondering if they can get some trick or hack which they can use to verify cash app in there country.

Some questions pops up to many Nigerians that ; how do I get verify on cash app?
How long does it takes to get verified on cash app?
Can I use cash app in Nigeria?
How to verify cash app in Nigeria?
Is it legal to send Money to Nigeria through cash app?

All your questions and related one will be answered in this tutorial. But,
First of all, I want you to know that cash app is not allowed in Nigeria. So an account will be difficult for Nigerians to create.
Without much ado, I will take you through some process in which you can use to create a verified account with cash app here in Nigeria.
And this process can be used also to other countries that are restricted too.

You may have seen some people collecting a token for this service. But as for me, I will teach you free.

So before we go any further, I will like you to subscribe to my YouTube channel and turn on the bell notification through this link below.
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What are the tools you need to registering for cash app in Nigeria?

1. Download cash app here
2. Download psiphon pro VPN from google play store.

Steps to take when registering

1. Make sure you launch your VPN before opening the cash app
2. After launching your VPN, open the cash app and fill all the credentials with your real details.

Note; use gmail or USA number.

How to verify cash app in Nigeria.

Now after you have registered with you essential credentials, you will need to add debit card or US bank account. Now this is where the problem is.

Anyways, don't be panic I gat you covered. From the start, I told you to subscribe to my YouTube channel, right? Did you? No.

OK fine now you will.

Go to the link below and watch my video on how to create a verified cash app account in Nigeria. In that video, I will explain how to verify cash app in Nigeria.

By this time, make sure you subscribe and like the video.

Thanks for your time.


Unknown said…
How do i get bank account

Temmy said…
Watch the video provided in the article. It will direct you to how you can create bank account to verify your cash app
Anonymous said…
I have watched your video and i have created payoneer too but still have more questions send me a message through this

I would be checking my email everyday to see your reply

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