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YouTube SEO for beginners

Today I want to talk about YouTube SEO but before I proceed, I want to ask you one question. Is YouTube a search engine? Well, that's exactly what it is. You might seems weird to think of YouTube been a search engine. It is a search engine for videos.

When we talking about get top ranking on YouTube is like getting rank on SERP.

YouTube has its own SEO practice(SERP).

The following are tools/software that are used to get top ranking in YouTube video.

YouTube tools for better SEO

1. Keywords research

Just like you do keywords research for your blog SEO, the same for YouTube.

The best and free place to do YouTube keywords research is on YouTube itself.

  • Goto search bar on YouTube
  • Enter the keyword you want to research
  • YouTube will bring out series of similar word you type.(that's the questions people are searching for) 
  • Go to Google and enter does keywords you get from YouTube
  • Google will bring out the analytic of the words such as search volume per/month etc 
So you can choose you keywords from them.

After the research, to get your video the best rank, focus on the keywords that have meaningful number of search volume per month.
Some clues under keywords research
1. Research popular channel and video in your niche
Goto another channel in your niche and copy the same keywords that the video is optimized. Use the same tag if the video is related to your video.
I recommend you to use VIDIQ CHROME EXTENSION to see video tag

2. Publish a high retention video
YouTube has gone on the record saying "audience retention" is a huge ranking factor.
In order word, YouTube promote videos that keeps people on their platform and clicks ads.

I know a question will pop up in your mind that how will I create a high retention video?

Well its quite simple, as it does not require a nice camera, microphone or fancy studio. As long as your video is valuable and interesting to watch, you are good to go

2. Optimization of video title

Your video title must be well explained and describe what your video is about.
You must include your focus keyword in your title and you should also solve problems with it by letting your audience understand what's your video is all about.

3. Tagging

Tagging is one of the best SEO features that YouTube provides. This is a section where u enter your relevant keywords. Tagging helps your video get more views.

When inputting keywords in tagging, also use LSI(latent semantic indexing) keywords which means keywords are related to your focussed keywords.

4. Comment

YouTube prioritized video that engaged in more comments as they suggests it's a popular video which encourage YouTube to improve its better rank on YouTube SEO. so it will be a good idea to end your video with suspense or question to get started a discussion in comments section.

So tell people to comments.

6. Get subscribers

Subscribing means a lot to YouTube. It is one of the major factor YouTube use for SEO.
According to YouTube, success start at 1million subscribers.

Imagine you have 1million subscribers, how much you will be making from YouTube per month. I'm very sure that will thousands of dollars.

7. Make an eye catching/click bait thumbnail

If your thumbnail is perfectly okay and describes well about your video, it will get your video more view than expected. Meanwhile, it is not a factor for YouTube SEO.

8. Edit your file name before uploading

This is one the trick you tuber used to get better rank in YouTube SEO.
You must edit file name before uploading that means rename your raw file.
(How- to-rank-better-on-youtube) is a good example.

9. Add closed captions

This section is meant for disabled especially deaf people. Closed captions are crawl by search engine bot. So you will get a nice SEO boost if you enable closed caption.

10. Like and share

Like and share send a strong message to YouTube that someone enjoyed your and this used for YouTube SEO

11. Video description

Description is most essential in YouTube SEO. Your video description helps YouTube and Google understand the content of your video. The better understanding your description gives the better rank your video get in YouTube, Google, bing and other search engines.
How to write description
  • Include your focus keyword in the first 20words 
  • Write at least 300 words
  • Repeat your keywords severely

12. Video meter/length

Longer video have an edge over short videos and rank better.

13. Build links

Build links to your channel by sharing on social media. To maximize your YouTube visibility and SEO, Sharing your YouTube video to every social media available is not a bad idea.
Facebook, Quora, Tumblr etc are good examples.


Make sure you put all efforts and make your video rank first on YouTube.
Join me in the comment box for questions and answers.


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