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Content marketing strategy

What is content marketing/strategy

Content marketing is a form or strategy of marketing that involves the creation, publication, sharing and distribution of online material or content (such as video, blogs, ebooks, podcast etc) to a target or particular audience online.

The definition is quite solid to my own point of view, so let me brief it to more simpler understanding.

Content marketing simply means a way of advertising products and goods in a way of writing, sharing or publishing videos, blogs post etc on social media, blogging website, YouTube or any organization or platform that involves social groups online.

Types/tools of content marketing strategy

There are some certain tools or it can be called types of content marketing or strategies that promote content marketing that will be highlighted below. Keep reading.

1. Blog post content marketing strategy

Blog post is the most easy and popular way to promote content marketing. You need to write topics your audience cares to learn more about. 
Too many businesses start blog and have posts like "breaking news" "we have a brand new  product available" etc. 

Many people turn up to search engines for solving problems, when they start getting solutions from you to there problems, they will want to learn more about you. So connect to them by writing an articles that address their most wanting questions about your businesses or companies.

Clues to write blog post for content marketing strategy

Since blog is the most common way to improve content marketing, let's start with knowing the appropriate ways to get started.
  • The buyer's layer
  • The topics people requested for at each stage
  • How you can get people from one stage to next stage.
  • How to introduce new product to them.

Where to blog?

You can start blogging your businesses as a result of marketing your products in one or all of the following platform belew.
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Quora
  • Tumble etc.
You can also create a personal/business website for blogging your products.
Also you can involve in guest blogging and sponsored post.

2. Social media content marketing strategy

It has been clarified that social media user is approximately 4 billion worldwide.
That's could be more than enough reason why businesses engage in the strategy.
As mentioned above, social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora etc.

Content marketing is created on social media by creating and sharing photos, doing live videos, writing stories(blogs) etc to promote businesses and companies.

3. Paid ads content marketing

You can pay for advertising your products.
Google is good at that.
Facebook also offer paid promotion.
What about Quora? Its involves.
Almost all social media platform engaged in paid promotion.

4. Video content marketing strategy

If you want the most out of content marketing, you will engage in producing video content. That's what customers are demanding for instead of reading long and boring blog post.
The most popular platform for video content marketing strategy is YouTube.

5. Podcast content marketing strategy.

Podcast help improve content marketing strategy a lot. If you feel uncomfortable in front of camera to produce video, you can engage in podcast to promote your new product.

6. Visual/infography content marketing strategy.

In addition to video, there many visible tools that can be used to promote content marketing strategy.
  • Infographics
  • Webinars
  • Pictures
  • Table/chart/graph
  • Gifs
  • Memes

Kevin's piece of advice about visual content

  • Use original visual content
  • Use stock image if original content is absent
  • Minimize your file size(as it affect loading of site)

Uses of content marketing strategies

Content marketing strategy is often used  by businesses in order to
  1. Attract attention and generate leads
  2. Promote online sales
  3. Increase business awareness
  4. Engage and gather online community (group)
  5. Help businesses create sustainable brand loyalty
  6. Provide valuable information to customer.
Thanks for your time 
For any question about content marketing strategy, let's meet in comments box and drop your comments before leaving.


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