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Benefits Of Blogging - is blogging important?

benefits of blogging

Updated on 18 Nov, 2020

In the earlier days, it was seen that the internet was simply a source of information and data. Now, it has been a great medium for socializing and communication too.
Therefore, one need not stick to a single topic and keep speaking about it. There are many updates and trends where we can participate. Sharing our views and ideas about a particular thing has become quite simpler than we thought.

Benefits Of Blogging

But these advantages exist from the beginning of blogging time. So what makes it more important than ever?

1. It increase urbanization

The world is shifting towards technology and internet. Now people are using smartphones and gadgets and internet more then ever. Also the speed of our lifestyle is increasing, that is to say we don't get enough time (on a daily basis) to read a big novel, or watch a movie, or even talk to someone. People want quick bits of updates about their interest. And the best way to do so is by following a blog. This therefore gives a boost to the blogging platform.
So to put it simply, due to URBANISATION, blogging is now more important than ever.

2. It boost marketing strategy brand

A well-written blog is ideal for any marketing strategy. A frequently updated quality blog has the ability to increase traffic. This helps in growing the brand. When you manage your blogs well then it will give you major leads in the marketing. Google prefer frequently updated blogs and reward that content by providing its high search engine ranking. Blogging helps a lot in branding. It is a great strategy for business. Quality blogs show a unique personality.

3. Helps in improving the google ranking

 If you have a blog on your website then it can help you in improving the google ranking as much as 434%! If you do regular blogging them it can improve your ranking at an even more rapid pace.

4. Blogs are informative and trustworthy

Generally, people click on the latest blogs for seeking information. Short blogs are preferred more because they can be read out easily but it must be unique and informative. The lengthy post helps in building trust with the readers and allow them to go deeper into the information that you want to provide them. Try to write a blog after going through a well and thorough research. This will help you in accomplishing on many platforms.

5. Blogs provide a house for internal linking

Internal links helps to encourage the readers to stay them longer on your site. As long as you are linking the relevant pages this will help the readers to spend more and more time on your site and helps in building the trust.

Blogging is a flexible approach and you can change it according to the marketing needs.

A blog that supplies useful content on a somewhat frequent basis can have a huge impact on business.

6. Blogs helps to build authority

Once you start providing answers to your markets questions you begin to establish yourself as an authority in that niche. Once you become an authority in Google’s eye’s you start to rank for the keywords in your new blog posts very easily. You’re now claiming real estate in your niche at a very low cost, and using it to drive sales.
This makes blogging incredible useful and important to a business.

7. It improve social media sharing

social networking sites connect people via different methods ..take for example instagram and facebook connect using mainly photos and videos uploaded...
twitter is usually for posting small news like timely updates and comments etc...
blogging similarly connects people...however unlike social sites blogging gives the freedom to share anything you wish in any manner ...not that Facebook or Twitter doesnt allow..its just that Facebook or Twitter is not so convinient to write long stories or big posts etc and also Facebook wall is highly dispersed showing posts from all round the world(based on whoever u follow n whatever they post)....
blogging simply gives convinience and freedom allows you to share your thoughts on any topics you wish....allows to write share post discuss show portray update etc etc etc and lots
infact, many books have been initially started out as regular updates from the person. you can even earn using blogs
blog is hence extremely good for many gives your own tiny cozy little personal space on this big internet (though in many cases u do have to pay... many are also free)

8. Blog helps to generate ideas

Blogging about anything and everything is easy. We can count this as an online resume. Searching for ones online presence and reading a few blog posts can give a clear idea about their thought process and opinions about a few things. Technical blogs exhibit the knowledge of the author. Blogs not only are a medium to share thoughts, views and knowledge, but, can be used to reach out to a worldwide audience and create an effective online presence.

9. Popularity

Through Blogging, the internet now gives you an opportunity to be known for what you know and what you want people to know!

10. Blogging helps to convey ideas

Blogging helps you to convey your ideas in an effective manner. Moreover, before writing any blog you are required to research that topic, hence it increases your knowledge in multiple domains. When you present your views in front of the public, you want them to understand your point of view, this increases your analytical skills and the decision making power, as admit it if you’ll provide wrong information no one will like to read your blogs anymore. So, your information should be genuine with facts and of course with proper details.
Are you an introvert? Still looking at ways to be socially active without much human interaction? My friend, Blogging is the escape path. Blogs are the ways through which you can give your point of view, provide suggestions and leave your mark in the Society.

That’s the benefits a Blogger enjoys. Let’s look at some other benefits of Blogging.

Clearly, Blogs drive traffic to the websites, helps in SEO, positions your brand as an industry leader and develops better customer relationships.
Setting up a blog requires little effort and technical knowledge. A blog module is standard in Easy4U CMS Full. You can thus update your content yourself. In addition, blogs do not cost you anything except time.
Because blogs contain their own content, you can also link your own brand name/label, which contributes to the brand awareness of your company. So it is actually free advertising
Blogs can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for (potential) customers and you can decide for yourself when you place the content, depending on your CMS.
Blogs make it easy to highlight texts, photos, graphics, videos, audio and/or PDF files. In addition, think about how you can turn offline content and events into online content for your blog.
Blogs can be a great addition to your newsletter or RSS feed.
moral of the story...blogging is not so bad....just try it!!!....

thanks for reading.


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