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Cryptocurrency - 5 coins that will never be dead

  Cryptos(coins)  5 coins that will never be dead in Cryptocurrency Market In cryptocurrency market, over 1000 coins shut down in 2018 and dead. This occur ed because of two reasons ; ICOs were completely unstabilized in 2018 Firstly, ICOs were completely unstabilized in 2018. Some country and regulator tried to enforce control but didn't yield any result, this happened because there are lots of coins to regulate. Technical problems Some had managing issues ; they were poorly manage. Some cannot go beyond scamming and scammers. But either ways, dying of those coins leads to three things. Investing in them will be little or no investment will be made in them. It will create space for new coins to emerge into the market. Dead coins that point to the crypto- space will become more centralized and consolidated, that will be an important process for mass adoption So, the question is, which cryptocurrencies (coins) ain't going to die? Which simply means you can buy them as a develope
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Will digital currency ever rule the world?

  Digital currency (bitcoin) Will digital currency ever rule the world? Many countries in the globe has been making swift progress with the adoption of digital currency.  Digital currency electronic payments (DCEP) has take it path in those countries for making payment around the globe. The method is adopted by many countries  to make payment because of it fast, reliable, secure and most especially untraceable transaction. Will digital currency ever rule the world? See reasons; China overview China also is making progress in digital currency. Chinese court has ruled that some high profile cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and etherium are legal and protected by laws. Meanwhile, the digital currency is to be issued by people's bank of China (PBC), the country's central bank. In 2013, China banned bitcoin and closed down its crypto-exchange in 2014 and in 2017, shutdown it initial coins offering (ICOs). Furthermore, in the recent year, China relaunched cryptocurrency back into the

Did you know you are losing money not trading cryptocurrency? Check it out!!

  Yes! You're losing money by not using cryptocurrency. Bitcoin note Cryptocurrency has gained more popularity in digital currency world.  Now in this  article I will talk about important reasons why you are losing money by not using cryptocurrency : important of cryptocurrency. But before I go any further, let quickly take glance at what cryptocurrency is. What is cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency as the name implies, is an internet- based currency exchange which uses cryptographical functions to carryout transactions. Important of cryptocurrency Why you should use cryptocurrency? Decentralization This is the most important features of cryptocurrency, the decentralization of bitcoin leverage cryptocurrencies to gain  transparency and immutability against the ancient ways of government control and authority, that is,  It is not control by any Central authority. Transaction fees The use of  private key  and  public key  make it easier and secure to transfer coins between two parties. T

Bitcoin platform - coincola p2p - why you should join coincola

   Bitcoin note Bitcoin (blockchain) Technology is rapidly growing in different countries across the globe. And many people are beginning to notice the relevance and important of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. Many countries, company and individual are adopting Cryptos and thier medium of exchange for good and services instead of using their local currency(fiat) However,  some countries (most especially Africa continent) seems to be lagging in the technology because of the political authorities of the country that will not take the rist of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Technology Innovation. So one company in Hong Kong( Coincola ) brought the innovation to most country in the world but mainly focus their goal on Africa countries. Coincola - person-to-person (p2p) Bitcoin platform Coincola is a hong Kong base cryptocurrency company that aim to trustworthy trading and exchange for its user around the world. Coincola is an OTC and Exchange cryptocurrency market place designed to offer t

How To Start a successful blog with make money online

   How To Start A Blog With Make Money Online Everyone is over the internet today to do one or two things. But according to analysis, 60 % of internet user is slooking for one way or the other to make money online. I don't know why you use internet but if you are reading this post, I'm pretty sure you are here because you want to start your own blog. Blog is quit simple and easy to start when you get it right.  Don't bother your self anymore, you are at the right place to learn the best tutorial about how to start a blog with no money(free) and also beginners guilds. But before I go to the explanatory sections, I want you to understand two things that people blog to make money online and people blogs for passion. Let me know the part you fall in the comment box. Most people start a blog because they want to make money online. Without much time wasted, let proceeds to the deal points " how to start a blog ". In this article, I will talk about ; Contents What to do

How To Make Money Online Youtube

  MAKE MONEY ONLINE YOUTUBE Below are ways people make money on YouTube YOUTUBE PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM (YPP ) YOUTUBE AFFILIATE MARKETING YOUTUBE INFLUENCE MARKETING In this blog post, I will talk about how to make money on YouTube and I will take you through all the important strategy for  YouTube SEO tips  needed to get you making money on YouTube videos. CONTENTS How To Rank Your YouTube Video Fast - YouTube SEO tips How To Make Money On YouTube    YouTube affiliate marketing YouTube influencer marketing YouTube partner program Now let's get started with YouTube SEO free tools  How to rank your YouTube video fast - YouTube SEO tips To start making money on YouTube, you mist work on SEO first. When get a lot of audience watch your videos, it will be easy to make money on YouTube through any methods of  YouTube monetization  you use. Now let's look at SEO tips you can do to get your video noticed on YouTube. 1.create a YouTube business channel I know you will ask your self that h

Legit ways to make money online for free - no scam

  Legit ways to make real money online for free - no scam Make money online blogging Make money online with YouTube Make money online freelancing Make money online writing Those mentioned above are how to make real money online with no scam. But, before I procced, I will reveal to you some offers online that are scam and you should never do that. Make money online scam to avoid I know you are here because you want to know you way out and to make your self online job that will earn real money for you. You might have found some online job that probably promise to pay you $100 - $1000 per day by doing simple task. In fact, some online job may even demand money from you to get you started. They are all scam!!!. Below are the three " work from home scam"  to avoid. Paid survey scam  - this when you are require to pay to get started. And true fact is that, even when you paid almost $50, you can only make $2.00 - $3.00 per hour. Hence, if you struggle to make the little dollars, you